Bi-Monthly Trade Tracker Issue 2 [February 2021 #2]

This brief reviews the agricultural sector’s full year trade performance for 2020, both at aggregate level, and for key commodities within the grains and oilseeds and horticulture subsectors. Table grapes and stone fruit are currently in season, with positive year on year growth expected in both industries. This edition also provides a more in depth focus on treade in alcoholic beverages in 2020.

Total exports value grew YoY by R22.5 bn, from R121.77 bn year on year to R166 bn at a growth rate of 15.6%, with fruit and maize exports contributing considerably to the year on year increase.

In terms of agricultural imports, the total value increased to R96.77 billion in 2020, compared to the R93.07 bn in 2019. Growth in the latter was driven by the increased value of Cereals and Animal/Vegetable Fats & Oils imports.

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