Bi-Weekly Trade Tracker Issue 8 [September 2020 #8]

The grains section focuses on maize (white and yellow) exports and wheat imports. White maize exports have picked up somewhat over the past 3 weeks, with all deliveries destined for Southern Africa, whilst yellow maize exports have declined in the past week, following an impressive increase in the first week of September. Wheat imports have decreased in the second week of September after a consistent increase starting in mid-August.

In terms of horticulture, this trade tracker volume focuses on apples and pears. With an import tariff applied on pears from the 1st of August and on apples from the 16th of September by the EU, a change is observed in the regional distribution.

Key agricultural input imports, such as tractors/implements, animal feeds and vaccines, and crop fertilisers, plant protection inputs and seeds are another focal point in this edition of the trade tracker. The impact of changes in the exchange rate and oil price on these important inputs are also highlighted.

Lastly, the policy perspective section highlights some of the latest changes in policy, focusing on the product groups of strategic importance in terms of trade for South Africa.

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